Playstation 4

Installer en SSD eller HHD for at formindske tiden det tager at loade spil med 20 sekunder eller mere

PS4 comes with a reasonable sized disk of 500 GB. The disc only runs at 5400 RPM, but it can easily be upgraded to a better disk without compromising the warranty. But why stop there? What happens if the default hard drive is replaced with a solid state disk or a hybrid disc? The results of the tests in the real world are ready and they are actually quite surprising.

The good folks at Tested compared the standard disk, a hybrid disk and an SSD in relation to different tasks on a PS4. Overall, did the SSD better than standard disk, but the results were surprisingly close. It turns out that HHD’en perform nearly as well as the SSD, but only costs a fraction.

Installer en SSD eller HHD for at formindske tiden det tager at loade spil med 20 sekunder eller mereWhen starting with a standard hard drive, it takes just under 26 seconds to reach PS4’erens UI. Hybrid drive is doing it at 20.3 seconds, and the SSD shave the time down to 19.5 seconds. With the digital version of Killzone takes the standard hard drive about 60 seconds to load a map.

As a comparison, it only takes 42 seconds hybrid disk and SSD requires only 39 seconds. It took the HDD just under 40 seconds to load the disk-based version of the Knack (already installed). On the other hand, only a fraction of a second between HHD’en and SSD, both doing it in about 34 seconds.

Okay, we’re dealing with a couple of seconds here and there, no matter how we look at it. Why does it matter? Simply piling this performance difference up over time. If you spend a few hours at a time to play a game, you could potentially hit a lot of loading screens. While a few extra seconds on a single load does not make much difference, it really pulls the experience down in the long run.

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